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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria

USA -( In our latest video, our Vice-President, Jack Wegman, explains a key part of our election strategy which is to support candidates who will return their support for ur regardless of party allegiance. Except for the Greens and other loonies, of course.

Of course that assumes there are no commitments by their party which would compromise what we do. For example, shutting hunters out of new areas.

This approach has worked well in the past and is why we were able to retain duck hunting in the late 2000s, secure $12.5m for range improvements, create the Firearms Consultative Committee and so on.

Enjoy the video. We’ll be putting out at least one a month going forward.

Tasmania Police usurp their minister on ‘appearance’ laws

In our latest blog (click here to see it), we explain the untenable position that Tasmania Police are putting their own minister in by usurping him on how the state’s ‘appearance’ laws are to be administered.

The minister, to his credit, gave Tasmanian shooters a clear and understandable assurance how it would or would not apply to commonly held firearms. Then the police poured cold water over it.

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