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By Ammoland

The Center For Vision & Values

“As the dust of yesterday’s settle, it’s abundantly clear that [Bloomberg] has nothing to show for his effort except defeat.” — Bob Owens,, November 4, 2015

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The Center For Vision & Values

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Tuesday’s election results were not good for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The billionaire has publicly committed himself to spending millions of dollars to promote gun control — but he’s not gotten the “bang for his buck” that he desired.


The outcome of yesterday’s election in the Old Dominion — and the prospects for future gun control in the state — were not encouraging for the anti-gun Left.

The words must have burned like hot coals on the tongues of The Washington Post editors, as they read these words aloud:

The [election] outcome was a blunt rebuke to [Gov. Terry] McAuliffe (D), who had barnstormed the state with 24 events over the past four days and who portrayed the elections as a make-or-break moment for his progressive agenda….

National donors and outside groups on the left and right seized on the state Senate races.

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