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By Tom Knighton

Teachers are, in theory, among the most trustworthy members of our society. It helps that they have to go through background checks to get their jobs in the first place, but that’s not the only reason we tend to trust them. Part of it is that for parents, we have little choice. We have to leave our children, the centers of our universe, with them for hours and hours each weekday during the school year and have to trust that they’ll take as good a care of them as we would.

It isn’t easy, but most of the time, they live up to that trust.

So why is the idea of arming teachers so horrible? Especially among people who seem to be so willing to canonize them for sainthood?

Democrats and gun control activists on Thursday blasted reports that the Education Department is mulling plans to allow states to spend federal grant money to arm teachers.

The Education Department would not confirm the plans, first reported by The New York Times, saying only that it is “constantly considering and evaluating policy issues.”

But the news, coming just as children are heading back to school, sparked feverish pushback from those who say more …Read the Rest

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