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By Tom Knighton

While they sound really cool and they’re great in theory, 3D-printed guns aren’t really that much of a “thing.”

I mean, sure, you can make them, but they’re not particularly practical. They’re novelties. Sure, they’re evidence that you can print a firearm, but the only all-printed firearm (with the exception of a bit of metal to make them legal under federal law) is blocky, bulky, single-shot, and about as practical as a water-buffalo-powered lawn sprinkler.

That doesn’t mean anti-gunners aren’t going to continue to lose their collective (and collectivist) minds over the blasted things. Now, another anti-gun group is suing the Trump administration for dropping the case against Defense Distributed.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said Wednesday it has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for failing to produce documents covered under a Freedom of Information Act request it submitted more than five months ago.

The center was seeking paperwork related to the U.S. State Department’s decision in June to reverse course and allow 3D-printed gun blueprints to be published.

Dating back to the Obama administration, the department’s previous position had been that publication would violate its control over firearms exports.

Texas resident Cody Wilson, who sells …Read the Rest

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