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By DavidCodrea

Criminals For Gun Free Schools Campus Carry

By David Codrea

Criminals For Gun Free Schools: Evidently, “progressive” academics would rather see adult students, employees and visitors killed than armed. — Campus Carry

USA – -( “It doesn’t matter if state law allows people to openly carry guns on the University of Michigan’s campus, the university argued in a recent court filing, because only U-M’s board can set U-M policy,” the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday. That’s because, in U-M’s view, the Michigan Constitution exempts U-M from having to pay attention to a state law banning local governmental units from making weapons laws.

Well heck, if they’re “progressive educators” (but I contradict myself), they must be exempted from the supreme Law of the Land and the Bill of Rights as well.

And leave it to the hive insects in Austin to come up with a more surgical approach — classroom exemptions, as a report from KXAN-TV explains. They even give us a statement that’s revealing of mindset. No, I’m not talking about the idiot claiming a right to be free from self-inflicted paranoia, I’m talking about the Pauline Kael-like incredulity (“hermetic liberal provincialism”– I like that) of “Joan Neuberger from the …read more

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