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By Michelle Scheuermann


BOZEMAN, Mont. (Ammoland.Com) – Sometimes a hunter can’t explain why he does some things – or not do some things like on this week’s Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg. Newberg is in southeast Alaska in the Tongas Forest with good hunting buddy, Bart May, hunting black bears. They come across bears all right – but not necessarily in the manner in which they wish to see them.

Tune in to Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg on Sportsman Channel on Wednesday, September 30 at 9:30 p.m. MT. Watch a preview here:

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg
Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

The trip starts off much like Newberg’s last Alaskan trek – with trouble. Last time it was lost bags and camera equipment; this time it is a huge hole in the inflatable raft; their primary hunting craft. But the hunters don’t let that get them down and after securing a boat at as Native Village they are off glassing bears. Or at least trying to.

“This is my fifth trip to Alaska for bears and normally I see five or eight bears a day. We have seen one in three days. So …read more

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