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By Brian Seay

More and more Americans are being stopped with guns at the Canadian border.
At least six people have been charged with bringing handguns across the New Brunswick border this summer, according to a report in Canadian magazine Maclean’s.
“The offenses continue to occur with alarming frequency during the summer months,” said federal prosecutor Peter Thorn.
Five people — three men from Florida and two men from New England — have pleaded guilty and been fined up to $2,000. Most of them are tourists in their 60’s. Thorn says he wants sentencing to deter others to break the gun laws. But he says the message isn’t getting through to people.
“Unfortunately, whereas the offenders reside in the U.S.A., it is highly unlikely that the sentencing message will ever reach those who could take heed or notice of the message,” Thorn said.
Americans traveling to the U.S. are allowed to legally declare their weapons and leave them behind as they enter Canada. There’s even signage at the border.
Thorn says many of the people bringing in guns have been law-abiding people who didn’t know they were breaking the law. Still, some caught with guns at the border this summer told border guards they didn’t have firearms in their


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