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By Tom Knighton

Tech giants have been playing a full court press against Cody Wilson and his codes for 3D printed guns. It seems everyone is trying to block the code, which is, in turn, forcing still more people to host the code. Like the movie says, “You can’t stop the signal.”

That doesn’t mean Amazon, in particular, hasn’t tried. Their web services shut down Cody Wilson’s site due to the presence of the 3D printed gun files, for example.

But it seems the issue was that the code wasn’t in the right form for the tech giant.

The future of 3-D printed gun files is now being deliberated by a judge in the state of Washington.

At stake is whether or not Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson will be able to republish computer files that would let users print a plastic gun called The Liberator that fires real bullets.

But as the judge deliberates on a hearing that concluded Tuesday, some old fashioned technology — a book — is already for sale with the code on a website run by one of the largest companies in the world.

“You can go to Amazon,” Wilson told Forbes. “The Liberator code is in …Read the Rest

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