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By Salvatore

I have used every conceivable form of concealment to carry a firearm hidden on my body. This tends to be inevitable for many who actually make the dedication to carry a gun all day, every day. I carry legally in my home state as well as the other states that reciprocate my permit but to me concealed means concealed regardless. I carry a gun concealed and I want it to be hidden from observation from anyone including potential bad guys. The element of surprise that a concealed firearm provides is just as important as the force capability itself.

My standard carry mode that I use most of the time is inside-the-waistband carry on my strong-side hip. This tends to still be the most common carry method with appendix carry making strong inroads in popularity. I consider either of these to be ideal carry modes for a “standard” carry method since they both accommodate larger guns and put the gun in the accessible waistband location. However, like many of us, I often must dress in certain ways that simply do not permit my usual carry mode. This necessitates the use of alternate modes of carry.

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