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By Jason Reid

Plano, IL (February 9, 2016) – Disappearing into one’s surroundings requires careful concealment; something successful hunters always pay critical attention to. Unfortunately, this often includes cumbersome camo systems that make vanishing and shooting difficult. It does the hunter no good to be addled by unwieldy clothing and burdensome cover if they are unable to easily shoulder their iron or draw a bow.

Ground blinds have revolutionized the hunter’s ability to hide in plain view, remain totally indiscernible, and do it in complete comfort. The only way to hide better is to wear an awkward ghillie suit and sit painfully still.

Recently, the clever creators of concealment at Ameristep had the proverbial giant light bulb go off. After mulling over these principals of camouflage effectiveness, the engineers walked away from the drawing board with a design for a ground blind that works like no other. Essentially, the new-for-2016

The innovative Ameristep Arcane Blind makes peeking around a solid fabric wall to see what’s just out of view a thing of the past, as approaching game can now be seen right through the blind walls. And those wary eyes won’t have a clue what’s lurking within those leafy shadows.

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