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By Tom Knighton


A while back, the internet troll website 4Chan decided to have a little fun. They managed to convince a large group of people on the left that the hand gesture for “OK” was a white supremacist gesture.

Since then, virtually everyone they disagree with making the gesture has been labeled a racist on such flimsy evidence.

Now, a number of Alabama police officers have been suspended for making a similar gesture.

David O’Mary, mayor of Jasper, Alabama, suspended four police officers after a photo of the officers went viral after some local residents said that the cops were making hand gestures to signify white power and supremacy.

What are the details?

The photo in question, which was published in the Daily Mountain Eagle, featured several police officers who were instrumental in successfully carrying out a drug bust on a repeat offender.

O’Mary was pictured in the paper along with the officers.

The officers said they found crystal meth, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, and heroin during the bust.

In the photo, at least four of the Jasper officers can be seen making an “OK” sign on their legs with their fingers.

A Twitter user pointed out the hand gesture, calling them “white nationalist hand …Read the Rest

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