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By Tim

Photo courtesy of ALDOT

Photo courtesy of ALDOT

In a surprising move from a rather conservative progun state, Alabama Department Of Transportation has just made it into law that firearms are strictly prohibited at all ALDOT rest stops. This grave error poses great risks to travelers as they will be subjected to fines, arrests, and now possible targets in yet another gun free zone.

This move by ALDOT completely ignores the concealed and open carry laws of the state. Signs will be posted soon that have the words “no weapons beyond this point”.

As we here at guns’n’freedom well know that the second amendment is our right to carry, the ALDOT has used Alabama Code Section25-1-59(c) to give them the authoritative power to “prescribe any reasonable rules and regulations … prevent unnecessary trespassing upon or injury to any of the public roads, bridges, or highways of the state …”

ALDOT also wrote 450-3-1-.08(3) with the partial note “No person other than a duly authorized law enforcement officer shall enter any Alabama Department of Transportation building with a firearm … ”

This law contradicts Alabama section code 13A-11-61.3 which lends power to the Legislature for complete control over every rule and regulation as pertaining to firearms and all according laws …read more

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