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By Zac K

The firearms industry is always chasing the Next Big Trend, and right now, the trend in the hunting rifle world is to chase weight loss. We’ve seen lots of ultralight bolt-action rifles built for expeditions high into the mountains. Now, we have the new ADM UIC-10A Carbon Hunter as another take on the formula, with an AR-10 action mated to an ultralight carbon fiber-wrapped barrel.American Defense Manufacturing @ TFB: ADM’s UIC Lightweight Tactical Competition Carbine A Closer Look at Accuracy with the UIC ADM4 Mod2 TFB Review: The UIC ADM4 Mod2 From ADM Atlantic Guns Exclusive ADM UIC-10A Pistol in .308 WinWeight loss programRight up front, let’s just note that there’s certainly nothing new about the AR-10 platform itself; it has been around for generations. And American Defense Manufacturing has been building its UIC-10A rifle design for a while as well, based on Eugene Stoner’s ideas. What’s new here is the weight loss program, which is intended to make this rifle easier for hunters to carry through tough terrain.While they used a host of get-skinny-now tricks to trim the

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