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By Robert Farago

Thermite grenade (courtesy

Despite the ringing in his ears, Broom heard voices calling out in Spanish. “Muerto?” And then “Espero!” Clearly, the men entering the offices of Kelvin Pharmaceuticals weren’t responding police. More likely killers coming to make sure the job — including Broom’s extinction — was finished. Terminado . . .

Broom felt something cold in his right hand. He looked down to discover a gun. He looked up at the assassin he called Happy. Happy was crouching low at the office door, peering down the corridor.

“Estamos perdidos!” a voice called out.

The men were lost inside the once tranquil maze that was Broom’s workplace. A wave of relief wash over him — and receded as fast as it had arrived.

Is this a gun? Broom wondered, staring at the silver object in his hand. “This is a gun! Why did he give it to me?”

Happy reached up and pushed Broom’s shoulder down hard, forcing Broom into a crouch besides him. Happy reached over and shoved the small gun sideways.

“That way” Happy mouthed to Broom. “Rule number one,” Happy added, grinning and holding up his index finger.

Broom nodded and gave a thumbs-up — and felt ridiculous. But not for long. Happy grabbed a …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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