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By Tom Knighton

Jamie Foxx is a tremendous actor. I’ve loved his work for ages now, long before the bulk of his talent was recognized by most of Hollywood.

However, he’s an actor. His job is to pretend to be other people in front of a camera.

Despite that, people, and reporters in particular, always want to know what he and his colleagues think about political issues that have nothing to do with the film and television industries.

And they’ll answer.

Foxx, for example, opened up about his thinking on gun control.

Actor Jamie Foxx is urging politicians to table vitriol toward opposing political parties when it comes to gun violence and to come together in the face of tragedy as was seen in the deadly wildfires in California in late 2018.

“You wish that everyone would have cooler heads and just erase the lines in the sand when it comes to politics, and just really get into a room and try to figure out how can we live in our society, protect our rights and protect ourselves and not be so overly ambitious or overly, ‘It’s about our side versus your side,’ Foxx told reporters Sunday at the California Strong Celebrity Softball …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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