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By Ammoland

North Carolina Capitol Building
North Carolina Capitol Building
Grass Roots North Carolina

North Carolina –-( April 30 2015 crossover deadline looms, threatening to KILL ALL PRO-GUN BILLS in state legislature…

After soliciting input from members, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) either drafted or provided input to a broad spectrum of pro-gun bills which can expand gun rights in North Carolina. The best of them are described below. The problem is that under legislative rules, if a bill doesn’t pass at least one chamber by April 30 2015, it will be D.O.A.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Today’s alert deals ONLY with NC HOUSE bills. An alert dealing with NC SENATE bills will be sent tomorrow. We need you to RESPOND TO BOTH ALERTS! In general, we need you to express that all of the bills listed need to pass, whether separately or (more likely) as part of an omnibus gun bill.


The bills GRNC has had the biggest hand in drafting or shaping – and which stand a chance of dying for lack of passage before the April 30 “crossover deadline” – are the following:


H 562: “Amend Firearms Laws.”

This comprehensive bill would further open up the state fair to concealed handgun permit-holders, remove …read more

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