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By Laura Burgess

A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System

Remington® Employees may now purchase the MOD*X Modular Rifle System

at a special discounted rate.

A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System

Glen Rock, Pa. ( American Built Arms Company (A*B Arms), a veteran-owned, Type 07/NFA U.S. manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories to the defense industry, announces a limited time employee discount program for Remington® employees who wish to purchase an A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System™ for the Remington® Model 700 SA.

Early in 2015, A*B Arms unveiled a new chassis system for Remington® Model 700s that gives owners a new, lightweight, highly accurate platform in which to customize their current rifle. The MOD*X Modular Rifle System™ includes a full length KeyMod hand guard that allows the operator to quickly mount all types of mission specific accessories. The chassis creates a platform that adds accuracy and ergonomics to your barreled action. If you want the best chassis system for your rifle at the best possible price, look no further than the MOD*X.

A*B Arms MOD*X

“We’ve had an overwhelming response to the MOD*X since it launched,” Jason Combs, A*B Arms President and Founder explained. “There have been many bad guys put to sleep over the years …read more

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