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By Lee Williams

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for your continued support. It’s been a busy week. A couple of mass murderers focused the legacy media’s narrative onto our gun rights, again, as if the firearms in our safes were somehow responsible for the carnage these mentally ill losers wrought. Rather than ignoring the media’s attacks, we pushed back hard, highlighting their mass-murder narrative, which is racist and politically driven. Armed American Radio and Armed American News will never shrink from an attack on our rights. We are here to bring you the latest updates from a gun rights perspective that the mainstream media will never touch. Please share this weekly newsletter with as many folks as you can reach. We’re all in this together, and as gun-hating, freedom-hating, Marxist Joe Biden is demonstrating every single day, this fight is far from over.If you’ve got news tips, please don’t hesitate to send them our way, too.Thanks for your continued support,Mark Walters, Host, Armed American Radio and Lee Williams. Editor, Armed American NewsNewsWhat the media doesn’t want you to know about its mass-murder narrativeCCRKBA: The latest ‘assault weapon’ the gun banners won’t banSAF seeks court order to prevent Washington state from enforcing ‘assault weapon’ banSAF,

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