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By Lee Williams

(Photo illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)by Lee WilliamsIf you’re an ATF agent who supports the constitution and has never violated your oath of office, the time to start looking for a new job is now.An agency-wide comeuppance is coming. It is only a matter of time.The next administration will not look kindly upon your current role as Joe Biden’s anti-gun enforcers. The people will see to that. Americans have long memories, you see, and we are keeping track of your civil-rights abuses — each and every one.If you’re lucky, the ATF will only be abolished, but there is a growing number of law-abiding Americans — including many in law enforcement — who believe criminal charges should be filed against you, your leadership and their co-conspirators in the Biden-Harris administration. This is what happens when you knowingly follow illegal orders, like warrantless search and seizures, multiple civil rights violations, theft of personal property and a host of other unforgiveable crimes.The Great Awakening has begun. Judges are pushing back against ATF’s unconstitutional regulations and bogus FFL revocations. Lawmakers are demanding investigations after ATF agents violated their constituents’ civil rights. Even the legacy media now realizes that they have been hoodwinked, and that

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