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By Chris Eger

“Cpl. John Baron aims in on target on an operation in the Que Son Mountains. March 30, 1970.” (Photo/caption: U.S. Marine Corps History Division)
From the days of World War I through today, dedicated U.S. Marine Corps snipers have used a variety of specially modified rifles to reach out and show off their marksmanship.
When the U.S. entered the Great War, the standard rifle of in use by the Marines was the M1903 Springfield, some of which were modified with Winchester A5 scopes.
U.S. Marine firing the “USMC Telescopic Rifle, Model of 1917” which is an M1903 with a Winchester A5 scope. (Photo: National Archives)
By the time World War II arrived, the standard Marine sniper’s gear included the updated M1903A-1 model Sprinfield with a Unertl 8x scope– immediately distinguishable by its long shade on the objective lens– which they designated the M1941 Sniper Rifle.
“Attired in sniper outfits and armed with M1903s, three students of the Marine Corps camouflage School at Quantico, Va., hide in the grass and trees. August 13, 1942” (Photo/caption: U.S. Marine Corps History Division)
Springfield 1903 sniper rifle, Guadalcanal, November 1942.
By the time the Marines became involved in Korea in 1950, the standard sniper rifle was the M1C Garand, a sniper


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