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By Sara Tipton

Sara Tipton - Anschuetz shotgun

Visiting Wyoming is always a pleasure. I get to see my husband, visit my future home town (as soon as our house sells) and meet some friendly folks. During my last visit, I discussed Wyoming hunting with my husband’s friend and co-worker Eric. At some point in the proceedings he brought out a dusty and well-loved Anschutz rifle that shoots 9mm ammunition. That’s it. That’s all the info he gave me. I had to know more. But first . . .

Sara Tipton - Anschuetz bolt

I asked Eric’s permission to take her apart and shine her up a bit. Wyoming women must know a thing or two about guns because he agreed quickly. The Anschutz’s bolt comes out like the Mosin-Nagant’s: safety check, slide it back, pull the trigger, done.

Sara Tipton - barrel of the Anschuetz shotgun

I removed the barrel from the stock as well as the trigger. The gun was really dirty, but the older design with fewer …Read the Rest

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