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By Tom Knighton

Any time we claim that gun control is about disarming the law-abiding citizen, some gun control supporter will say that no, it’s nothing of the sort. He or she will say that they don’t want to take our guns or keep us from buying new ones. They just want to keep guns out of criminals’ hands, and that’s why they support whatever law they’re currently supporting.

Yes, I know it’s BS too, but that’s what they say.

For a number of them, though, they mean it. Some gun grabbers don’t want to take our guns. They genuinely think new laws will stop criminals from getting those guns while not preventing us from exercising our Second Amendment rights.

A recent case, however, proves just how ridiculous that belief really is.

They were an unlikely duo: An aerospace engineer with a government security clearance and a house in the suburbs, and a gun-toting crack dealer whose purported motto was “always be ready to shoot.”

But together, according to court documents, Leonard J. Laraway and Bobby Perkins, Jr. created a pipeline of illegal guns running from suburban Virginia to cities across the mid-Atlantic region.

Scores of guns linked to the men have been recovered by police …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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