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By Newt Gingrich

Mitt Romney


72-9: Romney’s Puzzling Move

USA – -( As reporters, editors, and producers in the mainstream media seek to lionize former Massachusetts Governor and incoming Utah Senator Mitt Romney for his recent Washington Post op-ed criticizing President Trump, they should consider this critical set of numbers: 72-9.

These figures represent the margin by which President Trump would beat Mitt Romney in a four-way 2020 Republican Primary if it were held today, according to a December McLaughlin & Associates survey. I’ve been studying politics for a long time, and 72-9 is fairly decisive.

I faced Romney in the 2012 primary, and he won. He is a smart, competitive, serious man who genuinely wants America to succeed.

This is why I am so puzzled by his decision to start the year attacking the president – before even being sworn into the Senate or given committee assignments.

Romney has no doubt had a successful career (in politics and business). However, I suspect he will soon learn that regardless of his past achievements, he is now a freshman senator – and the Senate doesn’t care who you used to be.

Most immediately, he should be learning how to operate in the Senate. It is a complicated, arcane …Read the Rest

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