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By Patriot Outdoor News

“Firearms are safe. The firearms manufacturers include appropriate locking devices for their guns along with them when they’re shipped. They may be low-tech, but they work.”

As the gun debate argument circles round and round, the topic of so-called smart guns comes up as if on a regular cycle. Recently, CBS’s “60 Minutes” took on the subject , interviewing the Chief of Police in San Francisco—a city that has enacted several and controversial strict gun laws recently—and citing the effectiveness of the technology in a James Bond movie from three years ago.

The same, familiar questions are asked: if the fingerprint recognition technology works well enough to unlock your smartphone, why not have it on your gun? It could be a good idea, in theory: a gun that can only be fired by the person who owns it. Assuming a gun can be programmed to be used by multiple members of a family in a home defense situation and it functions flawlessly every single time, then it seems a viable idea.

Engineers have been working on smart gun development for years, coming at the problem from different angles. Some utilize fingerprint recognition, others have tech that can recognize the squeeze of your grip, …Read the Rest

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