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By Chris Eger

When the going gets tough… (Photos: Chris Eger/
For your consideration, we compiled a list of five successful handgun platforms that could help you survive a long-term crisis.
While your best and most effective bet in truly hairy self-defense scenarios (barring something laser-guided or belt-fed) is a rifle– preferably a few different ones in a range of calibers– in a pinch a handgun is better than verbal judo, a pointy stick, or the lid off a can of sardines.
With that in mind, our list is centered on pistols and revolvers that are 1) modern, 2) accept common ammunition, 3) have readily available spare parts, 4) proven, 5) simple to manipulate and 6) easy to maintain.
Sure, each of these has their haters, but most importantly each type has a huge crowd of fans and users that have kept them in regular production for decades.
Smith & Wesson K-frame
S&W Model 19s, K-frame beauty, in varying packages.
With a history that begins with the pre-Model 10 series guns– which were the original .38 Special Military & Police line– S&W has seen big success over the past 120 years or so when it comes to their medium-frame double-action revolvers. K-frame six-shooters in .357 Magnum, such as the Model


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