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Crossbows are, however, incorporating more and more features that were once firearm-specific.

Bows and guns fall into two separate categories and always have. However, as shoulder-mounted crossbows gain both state-legality and market-share popularity, the apples-and-elephants line between bows and firearms narrows a bit. Gone are the days of heavy, gritty, creepy, slap-me bow triggers and awkward open pin sights. Accuracy and range are supplanting dual-cam and let-off as archery buzzwords.

Here are five crafty ways crossbow manufacturers are borrowing a page from firearms design manuals to make their tools more appealing to a hungry gun audience.
1. Triggers

One of the biggest advancements in the crossbow market over the last few years has been the trigger. For years, it was once acceptable for bows to sport creepy, gritty, 7 pound-plus friction-driven triggers. Then somebody realized the importance rifle shooters place on crisp, light triggers and the impact a quality trigger can have on accuracy.

After trigger time with all of the major crossbow manufacturers, three stood apart from the rest: Carbon Express Intercept line, Scorpyd’s 2014-15 models, and the Killer Instinct Machine. The CE Intercept Supercoil breaks at 3.4#. The Scorpyd is high quality in all aspects of construction …Read the Rest

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