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By G. Halek

I live in a state that heavily supports the individual’s right to carry a gun. This makes carrying concealed a lot easier because if I accidentally show or print, it’s not a big deal. More importantly, because so many people carry and use firearms, there’s no stigma attached to seeing a gun peeking through on someone’s waistband.

However, there are occasions when I absolutely want to hide the fact I have a gun on me. It’s not because I’m trying to skirt the law or go somewhere I’m not supposed to. There are very good reasons why it’s sometimes alright to sacrifice size for concealment.

Reason 5: Showing And Printing Is Not An Option In Some Places

Several years back, movie theaters were in an uproar after the Aurora shootings. People were naturally apprehensive about walking into a movie theater and becoming a sitting duck.

At the time, my girlfriend and I really wanted to see Prometheus. Okay. I really wanted to see Prometheus. She wanted to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I had just recently gotten out of college and one of my first concealed carry pistols was an old, used Walther PPK chambered in .32 ACP. It was VERY concealable and it was …Read the Rest

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