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By Eve Flanigan

Double-single action HK P30SK in 9mm.
Gun companies have gotten smart about extending pistol lines to accommodate users in both the full-size and compact markets.  The advantages of a “fun size” version of your duty or range handgun are many. Nearly identical controls mean your hands only have to develop so-called muscle memory one time for two guns. That means greater efficiency for all the actions required to be effective in a shooting match or lifesaving gunfight. Compact versions of range guns usually accommodate full-size magazines, making a gun collection class- and practice-friendly, especially if one piece of equipment is down.
Here are five “Mini Me” pistols worth checking out and maybe adding to your collection. To keep the field comparable, all are chambered in 9mm. Many are also offered in other calibers.
1. Glock 26
Legendary dependability and, with Gen 4 models, user-friendly modularity, make the G26 suitable for most shooters. Standard mags on the full-size Glock 17 hold seventeen rounds.  The 26’s mag holds fifteen, and its four-inch barrel makes it one of the bulkier compacts on this list, though it weighs in at less than 22 ounces.
Glocks are commonly, and justly, criticized for their less-than superb polymer sights. Thanks to the


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