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By G. Halek

Because we’ve written extensively on self-defense related news and especially events involving gun owners and concealed carriers, we here at Concealed Nation have some unique insight into how police appear to react to a defensive gun shooting.

In this article, we’re going to cite prior articles and examples as a means to show how a set of circumstances and actions can influence the judgement of police after a defensive shooting has taken place.

DISCLAIMER: This article and the situations and scenarios it brings up are not to be interpreted as legal advice. If you are in a self-defense situation, you need to use your own best judgement — and seek the advice of a professional attorney as soon as the event has passed.

#5.) Distance From The Home

Castle Doctrine isn’t explicitly written into the laws of each and every state but the inherent right to defend one’s own life in one own’s domicile is acknowledged.

Police arriving to the scene of a defensive shooting in the home and see a thug down are going to have an easy time deriving the necessity of the incident. It doesn’t matter who you are — defending yourself in your home against an unknown assailant is a …Read the Rest

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