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By GDC Staff

Buying a concealed carry firearm for self-defense is a serious business but, lucky for you, a limited budget doesn’t have to stand in your way. Heading into the vault we’ve collected several carry pistols that won’t break the bank.
Diamondback DB9 G4

Florida based Diamondback Firearms has been in the firearms business since 1989, making a splash in recent years with their DB9 series. Weighing in at 13.4-ounces unloaded Diamondback touts the DB9 as one of the lightest striker-fired 9mm pistols on the market today.
The Gen 4 has several upgrades from its predecessor including a slide stop, improved trigger, improved grip area and the ability to fire +P ammunition. The lightweight of the gun does give it stout felt recoil. Loading +P? Beware.
+P ammo aside, the DB9 proves to be a great gun for those times you need a light, concealable carry pistol. Even better, the handgun can utilize Glock sights for those that prefer a little extra in the way of sights.
Overall, the DB9 G4 delivers a reliable single stack 9mm pistol that works for nearly all budgets with a price-point of under $240.
Ruger SR9c
Ruger SR9c (Photo:
Renowned manufacturer Strum, Ruger & Company has


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