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By Dan Zimmerman

Reader William Joyner writes:

Having just awakened from a restful slumber here in the beautiful San Antonio suburbs, I made my breakfast and sat down to see what the news had to tell me about the impending Greek economic implosion. Instead, CNN greeted me with the teaser line of “47 people shot by guns in Chicago this Holiday weekend! More after the break!” Was this the terror attack DHS had been warning us all about? Lone wolf actors from ISIS come to spread fear in our great land? Nope . . .

Just a holiday weekend in Chiraq. Thirty-three separate shootings wounding 40 people and killing 7…among them 7-year-old Amari Brown, son of an apparently-notorious local gang member. Chicago PD Superintendent Garry McCarthy was quoted by CNN as saying that the system failed Amari, who caught the bullet presumed to be intended for his father, and that his father should never have been on the streets.

The Superintendent went on to say that 30% more officers on the streets this year had recovered an average of one illegal firearm per hour, from all across the city, since the crime wave shooting sprees holiday began. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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