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By Eve Flanigan

With the right holster, the Zero 1CP will fit you like a favorite pair of jeans. (Photo: Team HB)
Recently, featured the Rex Zero1 CP in a review. Very similar to the Sig P220, the Rex’s 9mm chambering is the one substantial difference between the two. Arex also offers this gun in 9x21mm, .40 S&W, and .32 Auto, though I’m not sure about availability in the United States.
Folks who want a gun that feels like a tank should take notice because this is a gun you’ll love. The 9mm chambering means more rounds than the Sig. It has a capacity of 15+1 and comes with two metal, easy-dropping magazines. The mags are well designed with a flat floorplate and enough of a lip to make it easy to extract in the event of a double feed (which never occurred during testing).
It’s a heavy piece at 1.57 pounds unloaded. The frame is made of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, anodized for abrasion resistance. The slide is chromoly steel, likewise the monolithic barrel is precision machined. Both frame and barrel receive Arex’s proprietary treatment for “extreme corrosion resistance.”  Though this weight may help keep the gun level on the range, it also means


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