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By Nick Leghorn


Every so often we like to take a survey of our readers. Not only does it let us know if we’re doing a good job (and identify areas we can improve upon), but it also gives us a glimpse into who exactly our readers are. We’ve been poring over the numbers for the last few weeks, and now I’d love to give y’all a peek at the results . . .

Historically the TTAG audience has been dominated by males as opposed to females. This year is no exception.

Roughly 98% of readers responded that they are males. The last reader survey (which was taken in 2014) indicated that 97.7% of readers were male and 1.9% of readers were female. Based on the confidence interval for both surveys this indicates that the population has remained roughly the same in terms of composition in the two years between the surveys.


While most consumers of digital media tend to be younger, the population of TTAG readers seems to be remarkably evenly distributed among the various age categories. The biggest …Read the Rest

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