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By Justin Stakes

AMS Bowfishing - Matt

Sun sets on biggest archery trade show on the planet, rises on a bright industry year!
By Kevin Reese

AMS Bowfishing – Matt
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

United States -( Closing day of the 2016 ATA Show proved to be bittersweet.

Anyone saying the previous year’s ATA Show was better than the Louisville, Kentucky venue wasn’t saying anything at all, an encouraging vote for Louisville’s weather this year and more accommodating venue; after all, instead of a wind chill of -16, attendees basked in the warm glow of lows and highs from the 40s up through the 60s; the weather was perfect! The show floor was significant and wide-open with aisle after aisle of eye-popping, jaw-dropping product offerings from businesses large and small. Here are some closing highlights from companies and products that shined and thrived at this year’s event.


AMS Bowfishing
AMS Bowfishing

Bowfishing’s splash has grown tremendously over recent years and its presence as a legitimate sport with a wildly growing legion of fanatics reverberated across the ATA Show floor; although, no company seemed to shine brighter in this niche cross …Read the Rest

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