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By Taylor Thorne

Itching for the range but settling for dry fire? We have the dry fire workout routine for you. Even with ample access to a range, dry fire is an excellent training technique every avid shooter should incorporate into their regimen to perfect their shooting skills. So grab your gun, your gear and let’s get to dry firing!
What you will need

Magazine pouches
Two magazines: One weighted with dummy rounds/snap caps or a weighted mag specifically for dry fire.
Target: Dry fire specific targets with a small aim point.
Hat or ear pro

*Before running any dry fire drills, visually and physically inspect your gun is clear, then clear the area of all live ammunition.
Drill 1: 50% speed draw
With a weighted magazine inserted into your handgun, holster the gun and practice your draw at 50% speed. This is for warm-up purposes and to nail down your technique by building muscle memory to establish a perfect draw. Do 10 to 12 reps.
Drill 2: 75% speed draw
Using the same draw as before, crank up the speed. Don’t sacrifice technique, though. Work on producing good draws each time just a little faster. Do 10 to 12 reps.
Drill 3: Draw from surrender
With the handgun holstered and weighted magazine inserted,


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