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By Jennifer Cruz

Officer Matthew Baxter, 27, (left) and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard, 36, were shot and killed over the weekend. (Photo: Kissimmee Police Department)
Two police officers died over the weekend from injuries they sustained after being shot while on patrol in Kissimmee, Florida.
Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell called the shooting “another senseless tragedy” and said it’s a “tough time to be in law enforcement.”
According to O’Dell, Officer Matthew Baxter, 27, was doing proactive patrols Friday night in an area of the city that’s known for drug and other illegal activity when he noticed three people he deemed “suspicious.” Baxter radioed in his intention to make contact with the group, and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard, 36, who was on patrol nearby, decided to go to Baxter’s location in case he needed backup.
It’s unclear exactly how the shooting occurred, but O’Dell said there may have been a scuffle between the suspect and at least one of the officers. He also said neither Baxter or Howard had a chance to return fire.
“It looked like they were surprised,” O’Dell said of the officers.
At 9:32 p.m., approximately five minutes after Baxter’s radio transmission about the suspects, police received a 911 call stating the officers had been


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