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By Chris Eger

This early S&W Stainless Magnum is a thing of beauty. (All Photos:
Seeing as this is Wednesday, it seems like there is no better time to talk about a great vintage Smith & Wesson revolver resting in the Vault.
A very early N-frame S&W 629 .44 Magnum Stainless, the gun is known to collectors as a “no dash” as it predates the 629-1 series which was introduced in 1982. As it carries a 4-inch pinned barrel that was introduced to the model in 1981, the gun is fairly easy to date.
The S&W 629 began production in 1979, with this example likely produced in the early 1980s.
Of interest to this particular example, the heel of the custom grips are inlaid with a State of Texas seal and the banner scrolls, “B.F. PARRISH,” and “NOV. 9, 1974.” It is believed that the Parrish in question was a Lone State lawman and the date likely that of his academy graduation or swear-in/appointment date, although we cannot be sure.
The grips of the featured 629 No-Dash in stock. If nothing else, the mystery of the grips can give a Texas-based history buff something to chew on.
While Smith has continued to make the 629 at a


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