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By Daniel Y

1791 Gunleather has introduced two new holsters comprising the Military Classic series. Both models are leather and revivals of classic US military designs. If you have either a 1911 or Hi-Power clone (or would like to) keep reading to check them out.Holsters @ TFB: FALCO Holsters Announces the A909 Hybrid Appendix IWB Holster [SHOT 2024] Falco Has New Carbon-Fibre Holster, Updates 600-Series Holsters Holster Your Noob Tube: Hercules Tactical Products M320 Holster TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con Holster TFB REVIEW: Safariland IncogX IWB Holster System – GLOCK 45 MOSFirst up is the M3 tanker shoulder holster. This classic design has a retention strap across the grip and a tie-down strap that attaches to a belt. The M3 holster can also be used without securing the belt tie-down.The other Military Classic holster is a Model 1916 hip holster. 1791 brands it the G.I. Hip Holster. It has a tie-down strap to loop around the leg. This is a full-flap design, which protects the gun from the elements and rough handling.Both holsters are available in brown or black finishes. Both

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