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By Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

Here at TTAG, we have been shooting our .17 HMRs a lot more than our .22LRs lately. Why? ammo availability. Somehow I’ve ended up owning two .17 HMRs: A Savage 93R17 BSEV and a CZ 455 EVO. That means that the stars have aligned for a shoot-off. Make the jump to see which one comes out on top.

In their various configurations, the CZ 455 and Savage 93R17 are two of the most popular .17 HMRs on the market. These two rifles are well-matched in terms of size, features, and price ($520-ish) so they are a pretty even match up. TTAG has reviewed different versions of both of these rifles, here, here, and here, but we have never done a head-to-head shoot-off . . .

Before we get going, I need to point out that both rifles tested here have been slightly modified. First, I had my gunsmith thread the barrel on the CZ and he recrowned the barrel as part of that process. In addition, I added sling swivel posts to the Savage since it did not come so equipped from the factory.

I polished the bolts …read more

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