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By Scott Gara

There’s a pocket pistol for everyone in the GDC Vault
For those still on the hunt for that perfect stocking stuffer, we posit to you a possible solution – a pocket pistol. A great way to ensure your loved one is safe (not to mention fitting in a stocking), pocket pistols boast an ultra-concealable style perfect for concealed or backup carry.
Check out the list below for the best pocket pistols the Vault has to offer holiday shoppers.
The Beretta Bobcat 21a
This pocket pistol has a distinctive tip-up barrel
The Beretta 21A is widely recognized for a distinctive tip-up barrel which allows for loading a round with the slide closed. With original production beginning in 1984, the Beretta delivered an updated version by way of the stainless steel Inox variant in 2000.
Using a manual safety, half-cock safety and an inertia type firing pin, the Beretta Bobcat 21a adds that extra layer of safety some users prefer in a carry gun. happens to have many different models available both new and used so you can select one tailored to your gun lover.
Bond Arms Cowboy
This Bond Arms derringer is made for Cowboys
“Proudly made in Texas, by Texans,” Bond Arms brings


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