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By Brandon Curtis

avoid summer leather concealed carry

By Sam Hoober via USA Carry

Summer concealed carry can be a different animal than carry during the rest of the year. It isn’t as easy for a lot of people to keep concealment or carry comfortably due to the increase in temperatures and reduced layering.

How do you overcome these things? You wouldn’t want to stop carrying during the hot parts of the year due to discomfort; the point of having a CCW pistol, license and so on is to be armed as often as possible.

Since summer is just about here at the time of this writing, here are some tips that will help you overcome the challenges of summertime carry.

Address How You Dress For Summertime Concealed Carry

One of the areas that may require a little attention for summer concealed carry is your clothing. How a lot of people carry is with an IWB holster with an untucked shirt. Now, if you can effectively conceal with a T-shirt you don’t really have anything to worry about and can carry on – pun intended – as normal.

Not everyone gets off that easy, though.

Some people, due to a number of factors like body shape, dress habits and/or dress code for …Read the Rest

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