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By Beth Baumann

According to a new study by Pew Research Center, male and female gun owners in the United States vary drastically. Here are the main points Pew talks about:

  1. Women who own guns tend to become gun owners at a later age than men.

  2. Women are more likely than men to cite protection – rather than recreation – as the only reason they own a gun.

  3. Women who own guns are less likely than their male counterparts to say they go sport shooting or hunting, though substantial shares of women do so.

  4. Female gun owners are less likely than male gun owners to say they watch TV programs or videos about guns and to say they visit websites about guns, hunting or shooting sports.

  5. Male gun owners are more likely than female gun owners to say there is a gun that is both loaded and easily accessible to them all of the time when they’re at home.

  6. Men and women who own guns are similar when it comes to how they see gun ownership. Majorities of both groups of gun owners consider the right to own guns to be essential to their personal sense of freedom, and somewhat similar shares say being a …Read the Rest

    Source:: Bearing Arms

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