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By Graham Baates

Nosler Partition Bullets

YouTube personality, Graham Baates, explains why GBGuns shoots Nosler ammunition in every gun review.

Original Nosler
G B Guns
G B Guns


John Nosler’s original Partition bullets were hand made. Note the individual lines of copper in the jacket.

Nosler began after a failed hunting trip in which a mud-caked Moose refused to drop on a hunt after being hit with a .300 H&H. John Nosler realized that the projectile was failing to penetrate and so began work on what is now Nosler’s famous Partition bullet design. After a successful hunt with his new prototype bullet, John Nosler was disappointed to be told by major manufacturers that there was no way to produce his design on a large scale. That wasn’t going to stop Nosler and in 1948 the Nosler Partition Bullet Company was formed.

Today’s Nosler Ammunition continues to make partitioned bullets as well as traditional match-grade ammunition. One of the questions I had for them was why hunting rounds cost more than match ammunition. The answer was simple. The steps required to make those partitioned bullets and design the varying thicknesses of jacket that ensure expansion, penetration, and weight retention …Read the Rest

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