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By Chris Eger

San Antonio Laser Engraving can put just about anything you want on a Glock.
The Texas-based outdoor and sporting goods company specializes in Glocks but they are also moving into work on S&W M&P series handguns. Besides laser stippling, a visit to their social media page brings you face-to-face with everything from Maltese Crosses and regimental crests to various geometric designs for those who want to engrave their carry pistol with something more understated for liability reasons.

As for why they prefer to work with Glocks as a medium, they say, “Given the perfect storm of settings, Glock’s standard polymer blend just lends itself to laser engraving well, it literally vaporizes on contact whereas others will either swell up, bubble up or melt only to re-solidify into an ugly mess.”
And nobody wants that. Unless maybe they are rebel scum.
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