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By Antonia Okafor


“For me its very personal. This is a basic constitutional right. In the end it comes down to my ability to defend myself.”

No truer words from grassroots activist turned Florida U.S. Congress candidate, Rebekah Johnson Bydlak, who recently earned two very important endorsements- Highest rating for a non-elected official from the NRA Political Victory Fund and a endorsement from the National Gun Rights Association. And the impressive list of endorsements continue: Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and even modern gun rights movement pioneer, former Representative Ron Paul. Bydlak is seeking a seat in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

In addition to being a incredible, gun rights loving, liberty minded Republican, Bydlak is also set to make history. At just 26 years old, if she wins her primary this Tuesday, she will inevitably be the youngest Congresswoman in America.

But don’t let her age deter you. This millennial badass has been fighting for our second amendment rights longer than most in Congress today. As if I couldn’t be more smitten, Bydlak shared with me during an exclusive interview with Bearing Arms, that she too was a campus carry activist. In 2010, when liberal universities across Florida passed resolutions expressing their disdain for …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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