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By Jennifer Cruz

An Ohio man accused of hiring a hitman is being held on a $1 million bond following an arrest last week in North Ridgeville.
The arrest of 39-year-old Seljami Idrizi came Thursday after he saw photos of what he believed to be the deceased target and paid a man for the murder. But unbeknown to Idrizi, a local makeup artist worked with the police department to stage a fake crime scene.
Authorities say Idrizi became friends with a man whom he eventually offered money to kill a man. According to the would-be hitman, Idrizi’s request became so persistent, that he took the matter to police earlier this month.
The man agreed to work as a confidential informant and help set up Idrizi, who told the hitman he wanted to see photos of the dead target. Last week, Idrizi met with the hitman, who showed him photos of the fake crime scene, and Idrizi was arrested once he handed over the cash.
Idrizi is charged with conspiracy.
Authorities did not say how he knew the target or what reasons he had for wanting the man dead.
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