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By Tom Knighton

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Washington state has fully embraced gun control. While that’s just the product of the more urban enclaves, those still represent more than enough people to sway which way the winds blow in the state.

Despite that, it seems the state’s assault weapon ban proposal has managed to stall.

Democrats in the state Legislature are advancing new targeted gun restrictions, but so far their broadest measure — a ban on assault weapons — has stalled.

As of last Tuesday, restrictions aimed at domestic violence perpetrators, individuals found incompetent to stand trial, and subjects of restraining or protective orders had all moved toward full-chamber votes in the Legislature, along with a proposal restricting undetectable plastic guns.

But only one major proposal for a new restriction that would apply broadly to all gun owners, rather than singling out a specific group, had made it as far: A proposed ban on high-capacity magazines.

“Whenever you have a more broad piece of legislation dealing with gun restrictions, you are going to have more challenges,” said Sen. Patty Kuderer, a Bellevue Democrat and sponsor of the assault weapons ban in the Senate.

The assault weapons ban is unlikely to go further this year, Kuderer said, in part …Read the Rest

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