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By Chris Eger

A national gun control organization argued this week the Fort Lauderdale shooting should result in more states adopting preemptive gun confiscation laws for those deemed at risk.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence said laws allowing for the temporary seizure of guns from an individual at the request of their family or friends could prevent future attacks like the one that left five dead in a Florida airport.

“While the facts are still emerging, policymakers across the nation should remember that there are legislative options to provide preventative tools to law enforcement and concerned family members,” said CSGV Executive Director Joshua Horwitz in a statement. “As legislatures across the nation return to work this month, we call on more states to consider this life-saving tool.”

The man accused of the mass killing at Fort Lauderdale, Esteban Santiago, 26, reportedly suffered from mental illness but according to his family did not receive adequate treatment.

The CSGV has pushed for such petition processes in California, termed Gun Violence Restraining Orders, and Washington, where they are referred to as Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

In each state, a family member petitions a court for an order prohibiting firearms possession by a person they think poses …Read the Rest


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