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By Brian Seay

Andrea Parker hugs husband Eric after he and three other defendants walk out of a Nevada detention center Tuesday. (Photo: Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Four men facing a retrial for their role in the 2014 Battle of Bunkerville walked out of the Henderson Detention Center Tuesday in Nevada after a jury handed down zero convictions.
Montana native Richard Lovelien and Idaho resident Steven Stewart were acquitted of all 10 counts they faced, according to court records. Scott Drexler and Eric Parker, both of Idaho, were found not guilty of most of the counts against them, with the jury splitting on four counts for Parker and two for Drexler.
Lovelien and Stewart were released outright, while Drexler and Parker will have to spend time in a federal halfway house. The two men are due back in court Wednesday. It’s still unclear whether prosecutors will seek another retrial. All four had been held without bail since early last year.
The decision caps more than a monthlong trial that ended in dramatic fashion last week when defense lawyers refused to give closing arguments, depriving the prosecution of one last chance to rebut defense arguments. The jury, comprised of six men and six women, spent a little more than


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