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By Tom Knighton

If you ask most people about their image of someone who carries a firearm concealed on a regular basis, they’ll probably tell you they picture some crusty old white dude who has a faded bumper sticker on his truck that says, “From my cold, dead hands” or something similar. The idea in many people’s minds is that concealed carry is something that older folks are more likely to do because younger people tend to think they’re bulletproof.

At least, that’s kind of what I seemed to think when I was in my 20s.

However, it seems that the younger gun owners are the ones far more likely to embrace concealed carry.

Younger gun owners report carrying their firearms on them much more frequently than older gun owners, expressing a higher level of support for concealed carry, according to a poll conducted in July by Ipsos in partnership with Newsy for its new special report “Young Guns.”

While younger Americans in the survey were just as likely to own guns (28 percent) as older generations (27 percent), they were almost twice as likely to report carrying their guns on them, with 43 percent of younger gun owners (ages 18-34) polled saying they …Read the Rest

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